Arthur E. Skeats Consulting

ABOUT  Arthur E. Skeats Consulting


>>  Boutique Firm / Engagements Limited

>>  Founded by Arthur Skeats in 1996

>>  Consulting Experience since 1986

>>  Financial Experience since 1976

>>  BBA University of Texas 1967




WHY?  Arthur E. Skeats Consulting


>>  Solid Track Record Cutting Cycle Time 30%+

>>  Straightforward Approach Readily Understood

>>  "Thoughtware"  Based Solutions / No Hardware or Software

>>  Diligent Risk Management

       >>  No Solutions Adding Headcount or Equipment

       >>  No Solutions Unproven by Experiments

       >>  Paced Solutions Rollout Adjusted for Unintended Consequences

>>  P-A-C-E  Methodology "Tool Kit"

       >>  Diagnostics:  Cycle Time Profiling and Value-Added Analysis

       >>  Process Integrity:  Starts Control and Interruption Control

       >>  Process Resilience:  Operator Multiskilling (NOT Multitasking)

       >>  Education Packages:  "Hard" Tech Skills and "Soft" Team Skills 




>>  Typical Engagement Six Months

>>  All Engagements with CEOs Only

       >>  CEO Only can Greenlight Revolutionary Change

       >>  CEO Only has Ultimate Clout to Override Cultural Pushback

>>  Crossfunctional Employee Teams Deploy  P-A-C-E  Methodology

       >>  Teams Populated with Process Operators and Supervisors

       >>  Weekly Team Meetings with Assigned Deliverables

       >>  Big Tasks Broken Down into Weekly Work Packages

>>  Max Two Business Processes / One Location per Engagement

       >>  Typically One Revenue Process and One Design Process

       >>  More Processes / More Locations = Subsequent Engagements





>>  Comprehensive Fee / No Time Charges

>>  Fee + Retainer + Expenses

>>  Leaner / Faster / Lower Cost than Large Consulting Firms

       >>  All Engagements Led by Arthur Skeats + Max One Associate

       >>  Typical Engagement Six Months

       >>  Reduced Fees for Small Businesses

       >>  Equity Considered for Startups

       >>  Pro Bono Considered for Nonprofits