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TIME - to - MONEY  Acceleration

Revenue Process Cycle Time Reduction

     From:  Order

     To:  Delivery


TIME - to - MARKET  Acceleration

Design Process Cycle Time Reduction

     From:  Concept

     To:  Market







     >>  Speed Sells

     >>  Rapid Response is a Competitive Advantage

     >>  Rapid Response can Command Price Premium

     >>  Faster Response = Accelerated Cash Flow


DESIGN PROCESS  Acceleration

     >>  Speed Wins

     >>  First to Market can OWN the Market

     >>  First to Market can Command  Price Premium

     >>  Faster to Market = Accelerated R&D Payoff

P-A-C-E  METHODOLOGY  for Business Process Acceleration


( P )   PROFILE  the Process

               >>  Time Phased Process Modeling

               >>  Graphic Illustration of Active vs Idle Workflow

               >>  Identifies Delays and Non-Value Added Activities


( A )   ASSESS  Opportunities

               >>  Develop Solutions Removing Delays

               >>  Develop Solutions Removing Non-Value Added Activities 

               >>  Expect Innovative Solutions Identified by Process Operators

               >>  Score Solutions by Impact / Difficulty to Implement

               >>  Stack Rank Solutions by Impact / Difficulty Score


( C )   COLLAPSE  Cycle Time

               >>  Unclog the Process

               >>  Remove Delays and Non-Value Added Activities

               >>  Proceed According to Solutions Stack Ranking

               >>  Some Solutions May be Revolutionary to Existing Culture

               >>  No Solutions May Involve Added Headcount or Equipment


( E )   EARN  Payoff

               >>  Increased Sales from Rapid Response

               >>  Increased Sales from Early / First to Market

               >>  Increased Profit from Premium Pricing

               >>  Accelerated Cash Flow

               >>  Productivity Gains from Reduced Non-Value Added Activities